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Donald T. Weaver ·
Senior User Interface Engineer
Highlights ·  One of the original web architects designing web applications since 1993
·  Designed web interface for the world's most popular LAN email application
·  Built Portal Infranet's next-generation interface Macromedia Director Shockwave prototype
·  Designed "Web Kit" for Portal Infranet using Java Server Pages Technology
·  Experienced collaborator working in cross-functional & multidisciplinary teams
·  Versed in interaction design, cognitive modeling and user validation
·  Experienced in XSLT, HTML & DHTML (CSS & JavaScript)
Experience   BoardVantage, Inc.
  Senior User Experience Designer   2004 - 2006
  ·  Refine BoardVantage board work web portal user interface
Analyze user groups and use cases and scenarios
        ·  Streamline work flows and improve navigation
        ·  Increase readability and enhance visual design
·  Embrace rapidly evolving software development process
        ·  Debug and extend application UI using XSLT, DHTML and Tapestry
        ·  Master process tools like Bugzilla, CVS and SVN
        ·  Create UI Specification on internal Wiki
·  Evangelize and guide the company's user-centered design process
        ·  Educate executives and account support about user research methods
        ·  Promote streamlining of work flows and screen flows
·  Focus company thinking to design for use scenarios and tasks
        ·  What user asks for is not always that which will assist with the tasks at hand
        ·  Achieve higher customer satisfaction
                ·  Increase customer renewal rate
                ·  Create new features resulting customer excitement and rapid adoption
·  Collaborate with product development, executives, marketing, and account support
        ·  Ascertain user and business requirements for new and existing features
        ·  Optimize screen layouts and screen flows
        ·  Prototype, design & develop new features
  The Iris & Sage Company
  Owner / Senior Human Interface Engineer    1995 - 2004
  ·  Manage all aspects of the company's user-centered design process
        ·  Identify user requirements and develop user models

        ·  Design user interfaces (UI) and develop UI specifications
        ·  Design and observe usability studies
        ·  Support developers during implementation

        ·  Establish consistency and integration among clients' products
·  Collaborating with software engineers at the highest level
·  Design, prototype & implement UI web applications including graphics and HTML
        ·  Lotus cc:Mail
        ·  Portal Infranet
        ·  PriceWaterhouse LLP Internet International Tax Data Organizer
·  Visual design for screens of Java applets for the messaging portion of Lotus eSuite
·  Develop a multitude of design solutions on a variety of platforms including
        ·  Microsoft Windows, Sun OpenWindows, CDE, MacOS, Network Computers.
  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  HCI&IP System Technologist   1990 - 1995
  ·  UI architect for a CIO web portal on cutting edge systems
·  Multidisciplinary team member designing Solaris online documentation UI
·  Develop the tab navigation metaphor (2 years before widespread use)
·  Conduct usability tests
·  Design and maintain SunSoft Human Computer Interaction & Information Products web sites
·  Design icons for Solaris system administration and networking applications
·  Serve as department expert for web standards, SGML and FrameMaker graphics
·  Visual Design & Illustration
Education   San Jose State University
  Bachelor of Science San Jose, CA, USA   1986 
  ·  Graphic Design and Illustration
  University of California Santa Cruz Extension
  San Jose, CA, USA     
  ·  Miscellaneous overview technical courses including UNIX
·  Courses on multimedia design including authoring with Director
  Stanford University Alumni Association Communication Workshops
  Palo Alto, CA, USA     
  ·  Workshops on multimedia, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  Wavefront Technologies
  Santa Barbara, CA, USA     
  ·  Animation Process Training
  Stanford University Alumni Association Communication Workshops
  Palo Alto, CA, USA     
  ·  Workshops on multimedia, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  Sun University
  Mountain View, CA, USA     
·  Miscellaneous overview technical courses
·  Courses on color calibration & perception
References Available on request