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Mirapoint Series 400 Quick-Start Card

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IA Information Architecture Challenge:
Map a information flow of the out of the box experience for a Mirapoint 400 unit. The map will be used to create documentation to improve and enhance the overall out of the box experience.

IA Solution:
The user experience here is system the system set up up until software configuration. We concluded the document must:
  • be easily localized and when possible internationalized.
  • clearly instruct the user read the next document (software setup manual)
  • be short and concise and visual (after all, how quick is a quick-start requiring half hour of reading?)
  • the information could be contained in six sections
    • inventory
    • installing the rack mount rails
    • racking the system
    • connecting the cables
    • powering up the system
    • reading software setup manual
User Experience Challenge:
Improve Mirapoint's "out of the box" experience by creating a more readily understandable setup document to enhance the user experience for installing a rack-mounted email system. Confirm the document conveys the information with usability tests.

Using the information map, we internationalized the document (making it work in all locales) by illustrating the process:
  • install racking rails
  • rack the disk unit
    • install racking rails
    • rack the unit
    • secure the unit
  • rack the cpu unit
    • install racking rails
    • rack the unit
    • secure the unit
  • connect the cables
  • power up the units and read the software setup manual
Testing helped fine tune the illustration and emphasis needed to guide users through the installation process.

Visual Design Challenge:
Design the look and feel for Mirapoint's first quick-start document for its rack-mounted email systems. Internationalize if possible. Document may be localized for Japanese audience.

We started by trying to use illustrations whenever possible. It became clear illustration could convey most of the information. This allowed us to condense multi-page document into a 2-sided,1-page folded document fully visual card.

We confirmed the entire document could be shown with process illustrations with usability tests.

Client: Mirapoint, Inc

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