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Directory of Services

  • Links to other sites
  • Recommendations focussed on the needs of the reader (such as):

    1. Human Resources Personnel
    2. Tax preparer
    3. Assignee

Big Six Accounting firms

  1. Price Waterhouse LLP
  2. Arthur Andersen
  3. KPMG International
  4. Ernst & Young
  5. Coopers & Lybrand International
  6. DeloitteTouche Tohmatsu International

Of interest to PW

Arthur Andersen - International Executive Services
The BIG SIX Accounting Firms
Tax Law Pages
Price Waterhouse
Ashwin Kapur's Economics and Finance Web Radar

Interesting stuff

Yahoo! Maps
Real Estate search - Select County
ADSL Audio Primer (a cool guided tour)
Art Now Gallery Guide
Four11 E-Mail Directory
Earth quake finger at Berkeley
IBM Software Servers
NetDay96 National
NTFS File System Redirector for DOS/Windows
California Living Network
The one stop search page(JAVA)
Thinking Man Software

Java and JavaScript

CaffeineMark Benchmark
JavaSoft Home Page
JDesignerPro by -Installation
PartBank - your Java component softwaresource
The one stop search page(JAVA)
JavaScript Primer Plus Book ofObjects


Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Technical Support Help Files, Service Packs, & Other Files
Microsoft Access Developer Forum
Microsoft Access Home Page
Microsoft Site Builder Network
Microsoft Technical Support Software Library
Microsoft Visual Basic forApplications


Welcome To Actra
Netscape - Off the Net - February
Netscape PowerStart Setup (personal page)


Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio
Welcome to RealAudio !

People we know

Gregory Zois - MetroCor - Recruiter
City of Seaside, CA
Mary Anne's academic pentathalon
WhoWhere? Response


Perl Release FTP
Perl forWin32

Search technology

Experimental Search Engine Meta-Index
Inso Search Wizard(TM) for the Internet
Xerox Lexical Technology


DC Area Sybase Users Group WWW page

Systems Software & support

/PC/windows - []
Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page
Dell Computer Home Page
IBM OS/2 Warp Home Page
Index of the Dell BBS files and directories
NetManage World Wide Web Server
Thinking Man Software
Colorado Memory Systems Technical Support
Pegasus Mail by David Harris
Welcome to Xircom Online!

Web stuff

Doctor HTML v5
Embarcadero Software
E-mail finder (Four11)
gif Wizard from Raspberry Hill Publishing Inc.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0
Internet Stocks
Lincoln Stein's Home Page
NewsTracker Home
Standard Documents and Links to Standard Documents
Timecast: The RealAudio Guide
Welcome to Contigo Software
What's Hot and Cool
Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference

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